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Animal Cruelty


I have chosen animal cruelty as my subject.

According to me are all animal cruelty a disgusting thing, it´s wrong and awful!

Imagine you are an animal who just want to be free. Then human comes and catch you and use you to pull big and heavy stuff or for science. They hurt you, they hit you, they put you in terrible situations.

How would you feel then?


Animal Cruelty can be everything from hitting an animal to not give them food that all living thing needs.


Almost every animal on earth do something for us or for the earth, so how would it be without them?

When we catches wild animals, we take away the animals right to live free and we destroy the natures naturally process because one more animal are missing in the circle of life.

I can understand why some people wish that for example wasps didn´t exist, they can easily hurt you, but even wasps is a living creature just like all other animals and they have the same right to live a healthy life without being killed by us people.


When people uses animals for heart science, I can accepted it. But when people uses animals to produce new make-ups for half prise and for other totally unnecessary science, it is unacceptable!


When you see a commercial about make-ups, they tell you the price and then tells that it has also been improved. By that they mean that they have used lab rats to make a better make-up for the costumers.

How can we humans take us the right to perform such experiments on animals which can instead be tested on humans or by using naturally products.

Animals have the same right to live like every human!



We also kill animal for our benefit, take Canada-goose jackets for example, for one jacket they pick feathers from more then just one goose, and it´s a popular jacket, so many goose´s have to die so we can be warm at the winter.

We could actually make other and warmer jackets without goose feathers, like we do with many other jackets.

What I trying to say it´s that we don´t need to do unnecessary things, but we must all want to change and take our responsibility before anything can change. And all humans can change, we don´t have to use animals for everything. It´s time for us humans to stand up for what we want, and do it ourself´s, and not with help from the animals, if they have to suffer by our actions.


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